In addition to our mission and vision, the adopted standards serve as the foundation in building our curriculum and programs.  Below are the links to the sites for the standards we use in each discipline.  In addition to providing the standards, each site provides extensive resources.  For a printable version of the standards in some of the disciplines, refer to the Google Drive folder below.    

  English Language Arts
Common Core ELA   & Literacy Standards for Social Studies,           Science and Technical Subjects

      UK National Curriculum
Social Studies C3 Standards
      Technology Integration 
ISTE Standards

 National Core Arts Standards

 Physical Education & Health

 AERO/Common Core Plus
(houses ELA, Math, 
Global Languages, NGSS)
 Library Standards

Our libraries follow the CCSS or AERO/CC+, ISTE and UK National Curriculum standards in support of our adopted curriculum.

Please refer to our Planning and Instructional Practices pages for further information about our curriculum.  

ISG Curriculum 16/17