In grade one, we build on the basic math concepts introduced in KG2 and introduce new concepts such as two digit addition and subtraction to prepare your children for grade two. Here is a complete list of our units this year and a wonderful website offered by Houghton Mifflin that offers resources for parents. Please feel free to explore new ways you can support your child's learning this year!

  • Unit 1: Addition and Subtraction Facts Through 10
  • Unit 2: Number Concepts, Operations, and Graphing
  • Unit 3: Geometry and Fractions
  • Unit 4: Numbers Through 100
  • Unit 5: Time and Money
  • Unit 6: Addition and Subtraction Facts Through 12
  • Unit 7: Measurement
  • Unit 8: Two-Digit Addition and Subtraction
This wonderful website is correlated with the exact text your child uses for math!