ISE First Grade 2010-2011



Krystal Dillard



            My name is Krystal Dillard and I am from Los Angeles, CA. I have been a classroom teacher for four years and was an assistant teacher for five. I have had fun teaching  children from four years old to twelve years old with a special interest in the teaching of reading and writing. I am very excited to be continuing my growth and development as a first grade teacher at ISE this year.

At the center of my educational belief system is the idea that we are all a part of a global community and the heart of education should be a curriculum that not only reflects the child’s life but the greater global community as well.

I also strongly believe that input and participation is needed from the home, the school and the children themselves in order for a student to receive the full experience of learning and developing into a productive citizen. Please feel free to email or call me with any questions or concerns you may have during the school year (, 019 992 9987).


Rasha Zaki

    My name is Rasha Zaki. I have 7 years of experience in the field of Education, currently studying for my MA in Special and Inclusive Education from the Institute Of Education (IOE) at the University of London. I have three daughters of my own. Two of which are ISE students. As a teacher, I very much respect children’s mentalities and personalities. I am known to be cheerful, flexible and patient. My keyword is “teaching through fun”. My kids tend to be smiling while we are together in the classroom. I would always be glad to be the teacher who constantly tries to make a difference.

I understand when a parent is concerned about his/her child, please feel free to   e-mail me at any time and I will reply as soon as I can ( I really look forward to having a fruitful and fun year together.


All about First Grade

First grade is a very exciting year as it is a year where you can expect to see large jumps in your child’s development and skills. Children grow quickly and begin losing teeth! They also begin to apply more and more of the skills that they were introduced to in Kindergarten such as knowledge of sounds and basic math concepts. Many children are excited to begin reading and writing in the first grade.



Language Arts

The road to reading and writing is a journey that is as unique as each one of your children. Each child will develop and grow in his or her own abilities at his or her own pace. Our class will take a balanced literature approach to the teaching of reading and writing where children will learn these skills through a variety of experiences.

Our curriculum will include daily lessons in reading and spelling as well as many opportunities for writing, read alouds and word play during the week. Twice a week children will have a fun interactive center time where they will have opportunities to learn through play.



Classroom management

We believe that in every child is the desire to do the right thing and my goal is to create an environment where the right thing is taught, modeled and encouraged. We believe the classroom is where children learn to be good citizens and our classroom will be a place where your children will learn and practice responsibility, caring, trustworthiness, kindness, respect and . As a class we will work towards these principles and be rewarded for our efforts. When we fall short, as we all do, there will be gentle reminders as well as concrete consequences when needed.



Homework (take home readying and sight words)

Homework is a wonderful opportunity for your child to practice the skills learned in our class room as well as an opportunity for you to see and encourage their new leaps and gently aid when challenges occur. Homework will be given daily. Take home reading and sight words will be given as weekly assignments to be practiced daily at home.




Birthdays are very special events and every child deserves the opportunity to celebrate and enjoy his or her special day. Birthdays can be celebrated at school with cupcakes or a cake served during our lunch period only.



Healthy snacks

Snacks at school are a chance for children to relax and reenergize. Kindly send in healthy and nutritious snack.  Candy, chips and soda will not be a allowed.

PE Clothes

           Please check your child's schedule for the PE days as they change per week.



Caps or Visors

Please send a cap or visor to stay in your child’s cubby with his or her name so that your child will be protected from the sun. 

        Please provide your child with a water bottle each day. PE days your child may require and an extra bottle. A punch card is an excellent way to ensure that your child will never be without water at school.