Truman Attendance

TeachersTo determine an estimate of a student's current 
attendance rate in PowerSchool, choose Quick Lookup and 
scroll down to the bottom of the page to Absences YTD.  
Note: Absences YTD does not include partial absence 
codes such as Ap & EXp.

StudentsTo calculate an estimate of your current attendance 
rate, find the total number of class periods you have been absent 
in the PowerSchool app and divide by eight:
Days Absent = Total Class Periods Absent ÷ 8 Periods

Attendance Calculator

Note: Calculator is based on the 2016-17 ISD School Calendar*

Dance/ActivityActivity DateCut-off Date
for Calculation
90% Cut-off
End of Semester 112/20/1712/20/178.3 days
Courtwarming Dance2/10/182/2/1810.5 days
Prom5/12/185/4/1816.1 days
End of Semester 25/22/185/22/1817.3 days

*The online attendance calculator and website was developed by D. Cox in November 2017