Welcome to the CIS Music 2017 to 2018 School Year...

My goals are:
1.  To help your child develop the skills for singing, playing instruments and creating music.
2.  To be able to express themselves through music.
3.  To better understand other cultures through music.
4.  Create a lifelong interest in music.

My music curriculum is centered around the Minnesota State Standards for Music Education.
Strand 1 Artistic Foundations
    Standard 1 - Demonstrate knowledge of the foundations of music.
                        Describe how the elements are used in a performance
                        Identify characteristics of a variety of genres and styles.
    Standard 2 - Demonstrate knowledge and use of the Technical skills used to make music.
                        Read and notate music using standard notation (quarter, half, whole, eighth, sixteenth notes and rests)
                        Sing and play alone and in a group demonstrating proper posture, breathing, technique and tone 
    Standard 3 - Demonstrate understanding of personal, social, cultural and historical influences in music.
                        How music creates meaning.
                        Cultural and Historical traditions of music.
Strand 2 Artistic Process
    Standard 1 - Create or make music 
                        Improvise and compose rhythms, melodies, and accompaniments using voice or instruments.
                        Revise creative work based on the feedback of others.
Strand 3 Artistic Process
    Standard 1 - Perform or Present in a variety of contexts in the arts area using the artistic foundations
                         Sing alone or in a small group or play instruments alone or in a small group
                         Revise performance based on the feedback of others and self-reflection.
Strand 4 Artistic Process:  Respond or Critique a variety of creations and performance using the artistic foundations.
                       Justify personal interpretations and reactions to a variety of music works or performances.    


The Music Class Pledge:
I pledge to be the best musician I can be in Mrs. Wressell's music class and I will help my classmates be the best musicians they can be by:
    1.  Being a Good Listener
    2.  Following Directions
    3. Showing Respect
    4.  Being Safe

Learning Situations:
Whole Class
Small group

The safety rules are:
1.  always walk
2.  gentle touch
3.  chair legs stay on the floor
4.  be patient

students will be sent to the "Take A Break" area when having trouble being a productive member of the class.  After 2 trips to "Take A Break", they will be sent to the CAR shop and a form will be sent home explaining the behavior and requiring a parent signature.  Any questions or concerns feel free to contact me observing the contact times listed.