Cambridge-Isanti High School Theatre Presents....

"The Miracle Worker" 
by William Gibson

FREE Tech/Understudy Performance
Tuesday, April 3, 2018, 7 pm

Ticketed Performances
Friday and Saturday, April 6 & 7, 2018, 7:30 pm
Sunday, April 8, 2018, 2 pm.
Richard G. Hardy Performing Arts Center
Tickets: showtix4u.com

Director, Viva Anderson        Assistant Director, Megan Anderson
Student Directors: Raeann Goetz & Maryauna Weber
Stage Manager: Mackenzie Duncan

email: cihstheatre@c-ischools.org        ticket booth: 763.689.6466

Site Created by Kelly Fairchild-Fahrni; CIHS English, Theatre, Speech Teacher: 1994-Present.

Take a stroll down memory lane...

Here you will find a list of theatre productions presented by Cambridge-Isanti High School students going back to 1914. We have searched all the yearbooks we can, but are still missing a few photos to attach to titles, either because we don't have the yearbooks in our collection (we are missing 9 books) or the shows were not documented in the yearbooks we do have. 

We have been unable to find someone who has the yearbooks that we are missing. Can we borrow yours to scan shows in? The earliest yearbooks we have are 1907 (entitled "Junior Annual") and 1914. If you have 1908-1913 or 1915-1926, we would love scans. We have also been unable to locate a 1952 yearbook. 

Please send us submissions. Be sure to tell us the title and school year of the production. It is best if you can send us a jpg, or contact Kelly Fairchild-Fahrni. She can meet you at Cambridge-Isanti High School and can scan your photos while you wait. If you would rather scan them yourself, send your photos to kfahrni@isd911.org.

These are shows for which we have titles, but we have no yearbook photos. We are especially eager to receive submissions for these.

One Act Play:

1967-1968-"Pyramus and Thisbe"

Full Length Plays:

1994-1995-"Three Murders, and It's Only Monday"

1990-1991-"Our Town"

1951-1952-"Green Valley"

1951-1952-"Huckleberry Finn"