Youth Council Group

The Leadership Project is a Youth Council group consisting of youth from grades 9-12.  The purpose of the group is to do community service projects.  Most of the youth in the group had attended the STLF, Students Today Leaders Forever a Pay it Forward tour.  STLF has a mission to reveal leadership through service relationships  and action, STLF is engaging high school students in service and leadership. 
The 2013-2014 School year was another great year.  The group helped at a few Big Buddy events as volunteers throughout the year.  They also participated in the end of the year Transitions program.  This is a new program where the 6th grade students met in small groups throughout the year.  Then at the end of the school year the 6th grade students came down and had lunch at the high school.  The Leadership Project group met in small groups with the students and answered questions and had discussion about transitioning to 7th grade.  This was a great opportunity for The Leadership Project to step up and practice their leadership skills.

Summer 2013 STLF group