Students Today Leaders Forever

STLF has a mission to reveal leadership through service relationships and action, STLF is engaging college, high school and middle school students in service and leadership.

June 2013 STLF Summary

Stop #1:  Fort Dodge, Iowa

We stopped at the Almost Home pet shelter where we completed emptied and scrubbed the pets’ kennels, one group worked with the dogs and another with the cats.  It was incredibly dirty work, but the kids worked very hard and managed a few laughs.  We were also able to bond with the animals and staff.  It was a wonderful and caring facility.  Upon departing the shelter, we traveled to our one college visit during the tour.  We visited the fantastic University of Nebraska-Omaha campus.  It was a state of the art facility, the library was amazing, with every technologic advances available.  But perhaps the best part was we were able to take showers in a clean and private showering area.


Stop #2: Omaha, NE

While in Omaha, we completed to service projects.  Our first was at the Open Door Mission.  This is an all-inclusive homeless community.  On-site they have a thrift shop, worship center, exercise facility, community gardens, a community kitchen that serves 3 meals a day and housing for men, women and families.  All of the facilities were very modern and clean.  The campus also offered classes on money management, resumes preparation and had many support groups available to those in need.  It was unreal how complete the shelter community was, it offered all of us great insight.  While there, the kids split up, some went to the kitchen to prepare and serve lunch, others stayed at the thrift shop to organize and unpack donations.  Our second stop of the day was at a food bank called Second Harvest.  Second Harvest is a warehouse full of food products donated by name brand companies like Nabisco and Kellogg’s.  We made up 200+ boxes for the staff to fill and ships to those in need, their primary clients are seniors in need.  They also offered a market with fresh produce from their own garden and other refrigerator items available to the public for a reduced rate.  All proceeds go back into the food bank; this is the first of its kind so far.


Stop #3:  St. Joseph, MO

Our last service project took place at the Earth Riders Trail Association.  This was a group project, all three buses worked together.  We spent several hours cutting and clearing invasive plant species from the sides of the trail and removing large amounts of trash from the trail and near the trail.  It was very tiring and very warm, temperatures reached over 90 degrees.  But it was great to see our friends.  We then loaded the buses and headed for our final destination, Kansas City, MO.  Upon arrival, we had 3-4 hours to tour downtown Kansas City before heading to our hotels for a night of celebration.  The kids were grateful for the shower and comfortable bed.  The next morning we headed home.


The kids were outstanding; they worked hard and were very involved in group activities.  It is always fun to watch the kids grow and open up to each other and to the college leaders.  Very rewarding.