Global Studies 8- Sakatah Trail

Global Studies 8 F.A.Q.----READ ME!!!

Q - Global Studies?  What happened to Ancient Civilizations?

A - Every so often the state of Minnesota looks at the “Standards” that need to be addressed in each class.  The Standards are basically a list of items the state feels are important for students to learn and understand.  In the most recent revision of the Social Studies standards not only were some of the Standards changed but also when and how they should be taught.  In the past, local districts had the choice when to teach certain subjects.  For example, in Mankato, Geography was taught in 7th grade, Ancient Civilizations in 8th grade, American Studies in 9th grade and so on.  The state didn’t care when the Standards were taught  as long as they were taught somewhere.  With the revisions, the state added restrictions as to when the Standards needed to be taught.  Much of Ancient Civilizations has shifted to the High School now.  

Q - Okay, fine.  I get it.  So, what is “Global Studies” about?

A - Here is the “official” course description.  

Grade eight social studies students will explore geography and contemporary world history. Students in Global Studies explore the regions of the world using geographic information from print and electronic sources. You will analyze important trends in the modern world such as demographic change, shifting trade patterns, and intensified cultural interactions due to globalization. Students participate in civic discussion on contemporary issues, conduct historical inquiry and study events over the last half century that have shaped the contemporary world. You will analyze connections between revolutions, independence movements and social transformations, and understand reasons for the creation of modern nation states. You will also learn that governments are based on different political philosophies and serve various purposes. By learning economic principles of trade and the factors that affect economic growth, students understand why there are different standards of living in countries around the world.

Q - Um, wow!  Can you explain that again?

A - You’re going to learn about all parts of the world.  You will learn about how Geography affects every aspect of the world.  Also, there will be some American History in the post World War II era.

Q - What else is going to be new this year?

A - A whole bunch.  There will be no textbook for this class.  Instead, most everything will be on a Moodle document.

Q - Moodle?  Google Classroom? What are those???

A - These are basically web pages with links to assignment, the lessons themselves, videos, and/or notes.  It will also make it easier to catch up on things you may have missed because all info you will need for the day will be in one of these places.

Q - So with all these new things are we going to have homework and tests?  (please say no!).

A - Sorry.  There will indeed be homework and tests.  How much and how many I can not really say right now.  Honestly though, I do not believe in giving out homework just for homework sake.  If I give out homework, it will be because I believe it is meaningful.  

Q - What are your classroom expectations?

A - The usual.  Just follow “PRIDE” and…… remember the only thing that drives me crazy!!!! (Ask if you don’t know!)

Q - What is your grading scale?

A - It is the same as all the other classes.  90% for an ‘A’, 80% for a ‘B’ and so on.

Q - Extra credit?

A - Rarely

Q - Is this a hard class?

A - I believe that this will be a more difficult class then Ancient Civilizations was.  You will be asked to “go deeper” on subjects and analyze information in ways you may have not done before.  It will be more than just memorization of facts.

Q - Anything else we need to know?

A - There will be more information as the year goes on.  Please bear with me.  This is all new to me as well.  I apologize in advance if a lesson doesn’t go the best or if there are technology issues.  I give you all, parent and students, this promise.  I will do my utmost to make this year a great one for you.  You will learn something new everyday.