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Roosevelt's Media Center has thousands of books for students to read including Playaway audio books and ebooks! Roosevelt students visit the media center each week for 50 minutes. In addition to checking out books, students learn digital citizenship skills, information literacy skills, and technology skills including STEAM activities.


To build foundational skills in problem solving, information literacy, inquiry, collaborating, and digital citizenship to prepare for a changing world.

Book check out

Kindergarten- 1 book (2 books later in year)

First grade- 2 books

Second grade- 2 books

Third grade- 3 books

Fourth grade- 4 books

Fifth grade- 4 books

Book Care Tips!

1. Bring books back each week.

2. Keep your books in a safe place, like your backpack.

3. Don't feed the books! Keep food and liquids away from books.

4. Keep books away from pets.

Library Days

Monday: King, Dittman, Ward, Case
Tuesday: Busch, Payne, Sheldrup, Hebl, Dittman, Ward, Selberg
Wednesday: Case
Thursday: Jensen, Krusemark, Koble, Baker, Fitterer
Friday: Elker, Carroll, Pick, Rivers