Dual Enrollment Options

        Minnesota Articulated College Credit

Courses with this logo next to their description will give students the chance to earn FREE college credits to many state two-year community and technical colleges.  If you take these classes as a junior or senior and earn an A or B, you will not have to pay for the number of credits granted through the articulation agreement.  This is just like getting a scholarship without having to apply or earning advanced placement credit without having to take the AP test.  Since you won’t have to take some of the introductory courses, it will also save you time in college.  Tech prep courses are offered in Business Education, Health Science, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Technology Education and will help you prepare for the set of skills needed for success in different careers.

Once you complete a class that is articulated, you will get an articulation certificate in the mail.  If you decide to attend a college that has agreed to accept articulated credits, bring that certificate to the college at the time of admission.  A complete list of participating colleges and the number of credits you will earn will be shared with students by the teacher at the beginning of the articulated class.  Articulated classes include Accounting, Sales and Marketing, Intro to Business, Web Page Design, Computer Skills and Applications, Child Development, Pro Start, Certified Nursing Assistant, Cabinetmaking, Construction, Manufacturing, Power Mechanics, Voc Auto and PLTW: IED, POE, EDD, DE, CIM, CEA.

Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

Post secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) allows high school juniors and seniors to take courses for high school credit, full or part-time, at a liberal arts college or university, community or technical college, or non-profit degree granting trade school.  The program provides students with a greater variety of class offerings and the opportunity to pursue challenging course work.

Students interested in this program should see their counselor prior to April 1 to discuss whether a PSEO is in their best interests.  PSEO is a program recognized by Minnesota post secondary schools only.

PSEO students are taught by a college instructor on the college or university campus.  Students can choose to participate on a full time or part time basis and must enroll in spring for the following fall.  Classes are offered at the following post-secondary institutions:

  • Bethany Lutheran College
  • Gustavus Adolphus College
  • Minnesota State University – Mankato
  • Rasmussen College
  • South Central College

*Check with your counselor for admission requirements

Advanced Placement (AP)

The Mankato AP program consists of college-level courses and exams in various subjects.  These courses are for students who are looking for additional academic challenge.  At the discretion of the teacher, you may be required to pass an assessment to be admitted to into certain AP courses.  AP courses will help you be better prepared for college, save time and money, and there is a possibility of earning college credit.  Funding is available to pay for a portion of the exam fees.  Courses available include:

AP Art History AP Physics                 AP Statistics          AP Human Geography

AP Studio Art AP US Government and Politics AP US History           AP Biology

AP Calculus AP Language and Composition AP Chemistry                 AP Economics

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Available to all students, CLEP is a program that allows you to skip introductory college-level courses in subjects you’ve already mastered by taking a computer-based test of your knowledge.  The ninety minute exams are administered locally at Minnesota State University – Mankato.  Students should note that CLEP is accepted by a limited number of post-secondary institutions.