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Career notes:  
My Bachelor's degree in Physical Education is from St. Cloud State University (1974) and I completed a Master's degree in P.E. at Mn. State University, Mankato (1995). I began my teaching/coaching career in the Wells-Easton school district in 1974. I resigned from that position to be a stay-at-home parent in 1979 and moved to North Mankato.  During the time my children were pre-school age, I coached volleyball / basketball at Mankato West and basketball / softball at Maple River. I re-entered my career when my sons were school-age (1987). I taught at Jefferson, Eagle Lake and Roosevelt Schools; then then moved to Hoover in 1998 where I have been ever since. I have had the honor to officiate the MSHSL volleyball state tournament more than once!  I am the current score book table person for Minnesota State Lady Maverick Basketball team (24+ years).  I hope to see you at some of those games!  Go Mavericks!

Click here for a link to Maverick Athletics.

Your child's health (mental and physical) and fitness are important to me!  District 77's goal is to prepare students for an active and healthy life by guiding them through games and activities which promote safe movement techniques, cooperation/sportsmanship, pre-sport skills, age-appropriate fitness concepts and information about proper diet and nutrition.

A link to to outline for District 77 Physical Education curriculum by grade level (including assessments) is available from this site.  For specific information at that site, click on your child's grade level to access Essential Learner Outcomes, instructional timelines, common assessments, etc.  
Your child's progress in Physical Education is documented at fall and spring conference times via written reports.      Show Husky Pride: Be your BEST; Be SAFE; Be RESPONSIBLE; and, Be RESPECTFUL.

Click here to learn more about District 77's PE curriculum  

Of course, you may contact me via email or phone if you have specific concerns or questions regarding your child's progress in Physical Education. 

Kathy Schultz, Hoover Elementary:
507-207-5344 (voice mail)

My expectation for every child is "Do your BEST today." ;-) 
I also understand that every day might not be a 'great' day.  
Your child has Physical Education twice a week for 50 minutes.  
If your child cannot fully participate in class due to illness or minor injury, please send a note informing the P.E. teacher of your wishes. If your child has a serious injury or illness which causes them to miss more than 2 consecutive classes (1 week), please have your health professional (doctor or PA) send/fax a note to Hoover's Health Service (507-388-8432).

It is important that your child has safe 'sport' shoes for P.E. at school. He/she will not be allowed to participate without them. Additionally, an informational note will be sent home so shoes are available for our next class meeting. If you have not taught you child to tie their own shoes, velcro fasteners are recommended. ;-)

Personal FITNESS through Physical Education  
Your child will learn how his/her heart rate is influenced by activity; AND, know where find a pulse (Grade K-3). Your child will be introduced to muscle groups and exercises. Your child will learn that joint flexibility can help to prevent injury (Grade K-5). Your child will participate in age appropriate fitness assessments / skill assessments to build awareness of his/her individual ability. A complete fitness test battery is introduced in grade 3.  Specific fitness test results for each student are entered on the district website (Internet Campus) by your child's Physical Education teacher.

Click here for added information regarding age-appropriate physical activity from Fit for Life.

Wellness/fitness is a community goal.
An active child is a healthy child: make a family effort to walk, bike, jog or play active or recreational games with your child. Spend some family time moving to burn those calories while exercising the muscles and lungs!

Click here for a list of  wellness opportunities for anyone in the Greater Mankato area.
Click here to explore other programs & class offerings which keep your child learning arranged by District 77 Community Education Services.

Cardiovascular conquests for Hoover's fourth grade students!

Traditionally, the FitnessGram Mile healthy fitness zone (min. & sec.) for a 9 yr; old girl was: 12:30 - 9:30  for a 9 yr. old boy: 11:30 - 9:00.

Hoover's average time and best time for gr. 4 (age 9 & 10) girls' and boys' mile run/walk for the 10 years between 2004 and 2013 are:

2012-13 G10:11:007:34:00
2011-12 G11:09:008:32:00
2010-11 G10:46:008:22:00
2009-10 G10:39:007:58:00
2008-09 G11:16:008:58:00
2007-08 G11:36:008:16:00
2006-07 G10:39:009:10:00
2005-06 G11:25:008:36:00
2004-05 G10:50:008:50:00
2012-13 B9:01:007:13:00
2011-12 B9:23:007:14:00
2010-11 B10:30:007:54:00
2009-10 B10:23:007:58:00
2008-09 B10:48:007:35:00
2007-08 B10:53:007:22:00
2006-07 B10:43:007:22:00
2005-06 B9:36:007:44:00
2004-05 B9:46:008:06:00

District 77's current physical fitness test battery is similar to the FitnessGram@, a  health-related group of tests with national norms.

Click here for more information about national fitness tests.

Let's Move!
Michelle Obama has made great effort to sound the alarm about childhood obesity. The program 'Let's Move' provides added information about nutrition and activity for children.

Click here to go to Let's Move!

Nutrition for kids
To maintain a healthy weight:height ratio, take in only as many calories as you expend each day!  If you find that scale number moving up, get more active or decrease calorie intake. School lunches have evolved as a result of national directives. How do we provide healthy lunches & snacks for your child?  The food pyramid has changed since we were children.  What portions should we be eating?  What does the label say is in the product?  Answers to these questions, as well as 'kid' interactive games about nutrition are available at the touch of a computer keyboard. 

Click here to explore Nutrition Games for Kids, My Plate and the Food Pyramid!

Hoover Community Annual Physical Education Events: Celebrate being fit!
Volunteer or participate in a school activity that promotes fitness!  Our Jump Rope for Heart and 'Risser All-School Run' can use you!  
Our Hoover community supports an annual Jump Rope For Heart Event  which is usually the first Friday in December.  Students may collect monetary pledges/donations for the American Heart Association to help in the fight against heart disease.  Students may participate  (whether they collect donations or not) in our 'after school jump rope' activity if a signed parent permission waiver from the AHA is on file in the P.E. office.  Your child's P.E. teacher will provide more information in early November. 

Click here to learn more about the American Heart Association.
Click here for Jump Rope for Heart information.

The "Risser All-School Run' is a 6/10 mile neighborhood Run/Walk event held on a Friday in early May at 10:00 AM.  As a part of District 77's Wellness program, former Hoover P.E teacher, Roger Risser, initiated the "Hoover Huff 'N Puff' over 25 years ago!  Upon his retirement, this 'Run/Walk"  was re-named in his honor. We thank our North Mankato Public Servants and District 77's health service staff for providing a safe setting for this event over the years. Our Oak Terrace Drive neighbors have been supportive as well! 
More specific information about the annual Risser Run will be available in the spring.

Stay active throughout your lifetime to maintain health and wellness. The Center for Disease Control recommends 60 minutes of vigorous activity a day. 
For more information on CDC guidelines, go to: