Mrs. Fox, Social Worker at Dakota Meadows Middle School and West High School

What is the role of a school social worker?


·         The school social worker delivers social, emotional support, problem solving and intervention services.

o   Individual meeting times

o   Support groups


·         The school social worker is knowledgeable about community resources and agencies for families experiencing challenges.

o   Clothing

o   School supplies

o   Food

o   Utility and Rent

o   Healthcare

o   Mental health


·         The school social worker can help parents be better connected to the school and the community.


Which students would benefit from school social work services?


School social workers work with students who are experiencing social and emotional problems that are interfering with adjustment and achievement in school. 


Here are some topics the school social worker may help your child with:

Anger Management

Anxiety reduction strategies


Social skills


Family Transition

Conflict resolution


Positive decision making

Grief and loss

Emotional support

Behavior support

Improving relationships

Coping skills

Dakota Meadows Middle School Hours
Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday

Phone number at DMMS:  507-207-3269
Cellphone number: 507-514-0793
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Mankato West High School Hours
Tuesday, Thursday and every other Friday

Phone number at West: 507-207-3887
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