Mr. Heath’s 7th Grade Health Course Outline

 Class Description:  During this quarter we are going to explore a variety of health topics that are very real to 7th grade students.  Some of the topics that we will learn about may have an impact on your personal life currently or in the future. Promoting healthy and safe behaviors among students is an important part of the fundamental mission of the Mankato Area Public Schools Health Education.  We aim to provide the knowledge and skills needed to become healthy and productive adults. 

P.R.I.D.E. Class Expectations:

Preparedness - Be on time, bring health materials, be seated and ready to learn.

Respect – Be considerate of peers, teachers, property, and yourself.

Integrity – Do the “right thing” at all times.

Determination – Believe in yourself.  Work hard every day.

Excellence – Challenge yourself to do your best each and every day. 

Units Include:

1.   Health and Wellness

2.  Personal Safety

3.  Tobacco, Alcohol and other Drugs

4.  Human Sexuality

Essential Learning Outcomes:

The essential learner outcomes are determined by the performance indicators of the eight national health education standards for grades 6-8.  If you would like to see these performance indictors please visit either of the two website links below. 

Center for Disease Control and Prevention: National Health Education Standards:


Mr. Heaths’s 7th Grade Health Website:



If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find what was done in class when you were gone. These steps will help you get caught up.

1.  If you have a question ask a classmate first

2.  Obtain any missing materials from Mr. Heath

3.  Ask Mr. Heath in any further questions or assistance is needed


Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns. Thank you.

-    Mr. Danny Heath