NWEA Test Practice

Use these websites to practice for the NWEA tests coming up in March.  You should expect to work with your child at least the first few times in order to help them through the sites.  Your support and practice is appreciated! 


Ten Frame Practice

How Tall?

Tens and Ones Penguin Game 

Compare and Order (click on Compare and Order)

Number Word Matching (click on Number Labeling)

Copy the Pattern

Make Your Own Bar Graph

Build Numbers with Base Ten Blocks

Addition and Subtraction Practice (click on Level 2)

Move the Numbers to Make the Number Sentence

Find the Bones in the 100 Grid

Measure With a Ruler

Shape Recognition 

Math Practice (says 1st Grade but it works for both grade levels)

Ordinal Numbers

Compare Heights

Matching Halves

Digital and Analog Time Memory Game

Capital Letters

Alphabetical Order

Build the Word Families