Beginning Fall 2016, teachers in grades K-2 will receive training and begin using SeeSaw as their web presence and digital learning hub. Seesaw gives your child creative tools to capture and reflect on their learning - in real time. Your child's work can then be shared with you through the parent app, giving you a window into each of our classrooms and into your student’s learning process. Our students are excited to use this new tool in partnership with the great things our teachers already do in their classrooms. You can download Seesaw’s Parent App for iOS, Android, or use the web to view your student’s learning artifacts. When your child adds new work, you will receive a notification to see, hear and respond to your child’s learning item. You only have access to your own child’s work and all of the content is stored securely. We are happy to announce this new opportunity for our students. With your help, we can continue building our school community of lifelong learners. When your child's teacher sets up Seesaw for his or her classroom, you will receive a handout with directions and an access code (and QR code) for signing up for your child’s unique Seesaw journal.
Parent FAQ Privacy FAQ

 Seesaw Flyer Comparison View this document as a reference to compare the differences between Schoology and Seesaw.
Seesaw Website
Parents can access Seesaw by downloading the "Seesaw Parent Access" app on your phone or by visiting Seesaw on the web at and clicking on "Sign Up Free."
 Parent Sign Up Process Video
Watch this video to learn how to download the Seesaw app and create a parent account. When your teacher sends you a class invitation, you will use this account to access your child's work.
 Parent Sign Up Process Handout
View this file if you would like to read step by step directions for installing the Seesaw app and setting up your account. These are the same steps as outlined in the video above (Parent Sign Up Process Video).
 Student Experience
Watch this video to see an overview of how Seesaw works and how students and teachers can use it (posting class resources and news, reflect on learning, etc.).
 Staff Login Process
Watch this video to see how to log in to Seesaw. Since Seesaw is linked to your Google credentials, use your school Google email address and password to login to your district Seesaw account. You can click "Sign in with Google" to automate this process. Login at or through the app. 
 Seesaw User Tutorials
 View these video tutorials to learn more about how to use Seesaw as a classroom teacher.
 Parent Seesaw Messaging
 Learn how to send messages to your child's teacher in Seesaw.