The Alphabet

Ways to Learn Letters
  • The Name of the letter
  •  The way the letter looks
  • The sound the letter makes
  • The feel of the letter in the mouth
  • The movement of the letter as it is written
  • A word associated with the letter
  • The way the letter looks embedded within a word

Alphabet Recognition Activities
  1. Alphabet Walk-Take the children on a walk around home/school and look for and identify learned letters in environmental print
  2. Alphabet Memory-Make double sets of letter cards and have the children turn them over 2 at a time.  If they match, they keep them.  Object of the game is to make as many matches as you can.
  3. Let's Go On A Hunt-Have the children find certain letters in magazines and newspapers.  Cut them out and paste them on paper.
  4. Hide and Seek-Hide letter cards throughout the home.  Have your child search the room for them. 
  5. Through-The-Year-Alphabet Book-Have your child use large sheets of paper to create a personal alphabet book throughout the year.  They should write the upper and lower case form on each page, then paste or draw pictures and objects that begin with that letter.
  6. Letter Path-Make a construction paper "stone path" around your home with one letter written on each stone.  Have your child walk the alphabet each day saying the letter out loud.
  7. Letter Pop-Up-Give them certain letters.  If you say the letter they pop up holding that letter in their hand.
  8. Alphabet Tic-Tac-Toe-Play this game like the regular game with each assigned to a different letter.  Instead of writing X and O, they might use A and W.
  9. Alphabet Cereal Sort-Place a pile of alphabet cereal on a napkin.  Give your child time to sort the letters.  Have them count the number of times they found each letter.
  10. Word Pairs-Write words like sat and mat on a piece of paper.  Read the words aloud and ask your child to ID the letter that is different in each word. 

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