ABCs of Kindergarten

This page will give you information on everything you need to know about our classroom!

A      Absence:  If your child will be absent, please  call and leave a message with Peggie, our school secretary @ 763-261-6330.   Please give the specific reason why your child will not attend.

Arrival and Dismissal: The first bell will ring at 7:50, the second bell at 8:00.  Kindergarteners are 

 dismissed at 2:40.

Art:   We have an art specialist that will meet with our class once a week for 45 minutes.  We also do art projects in class where your child practices following directions, cutting, gluing, patterning etc.

Attendance:  Good attendance is linked to school success.  It is very important for your child to come to school every day. 

B      Backpacks:  Please send a full sized backpack to school daily. 

Birthdays:  You may send in a special snack on your child’s birthday.  

Breakfast:  This is the most important meal of the day.  Even though your child may not want to eat before school, offer them a healthy breakfast.  

C     Community: We work very hard to build a community of learners starting at day one.

Calendar:  We do calendar every day, during our class meeting. 

Communication:  Open communication is important.  I will send home a newsletter in our take home folders.  Please check these folders daily. 

Conferences:  We have Parent/Teacher conferences in late November and March.  If you would like a conference outside of the three offered, call and let me know anytime.

D      Daily 5:  The Daily 5 or D5 is a structure that will help students develop the daily habits of reading, writing and working with peers that will lead to a lifetime of independent literacy. 

Discipline: We work hard as a class to make our classroom a positive and safe place for all.  We will learn how to be our Bulldog Best in the classroom, hallways, lunch room and playground.  

E      Emergency Green Cards:  Each family will be asked to fill out two green emergency cards.  These cards are very important to keep up to date.  If your address, phone number or emergency contacts change, please let us know right away. 

Emergency Closings:  In bad weather, please watch for closings on the local TV stations.

F      Field Trips: We will try to go on a few field trips during the year.  We will let you know before we go.  Sometimes we will need parent volunteers to go with us. 

Fire Drills:  We have five fire drills throughout the year.  We practice often so the children will know exactly what to do in case of a real fire.

G   Grades:  Kindergarten students receive report cards the second and fourth term only.  In Kindergarten, grades are based on formal assessments, informal assessments and observations.  If you every want to know how your child is doing, feel free to contact me.

H        Hands On:  At the Kindergarten level research shows that children learn best by doing.  Most of our curriculum is hands on and center based. 

            Health:  If your child has a health concern, please contact the school nurse ASAP to fill out appropriate forms and to send in appropriate medication.

                Homework:  We do not have formal homework in kindergarten, but I do ask that you read to your child every night.  When they start getting guided reading books, please make sure they are practicing each night.  Homelinks are available online in the Math section to practice real life math applications.

I           Illness:  Please do not send your child to school if they are sick.  They must stay home for 24 hours after a fever or vomiting. 

            Independence:  Independence is the goal for Kindergarten children because it builds self-esteem and self confidence.  Kindergarteners start to be very capable of doing many things on their own and I encourage them to do as much as they can for themselves in the classroom.  I am always there to lend a helping hand if it is needed.  Please work on the following skills at home with your child:  zipping, tying, dressing, etc. 

J     Journals:  We do lots of journaling activities at school.  Each child has a journal to write and draw in.

K     Keep Updated:  Please check your child’s take home folder daily and read notices from the school as well as from myself.

L         Library:  We will go to the library twice a week.  Once a week students will be allowed to check out a book.  In order for your child to get a new library book, their old one needs to be returned on time.  Our library teacher is Mrs. Agnew.

M     Math:  Students will learn basic math skills and concepts throughout the year.  For math activities to try at home, visit the math section online and look for the Homelinks.

Music: Students will meet with our music teacher, Mrs. Lovold, everyday for 20 minutes.  We will do a kindergarten concert in December.

N      Newsletter:  I will make a classroom newsletter bi-weekly.  If you would like a paper copy, please let me know.  I will also post the newsletter online.

Notes:  When sending a note to school, please make sure it is placed in their kindergarten folder.  Please remind your child to tell me about the note.  I do not want to miss your note!   

O      Open Door Policy:  I welcome parent visitors with a scheduled appointment.  You may come in and read a story to our class or help out.  Make sure to OK the time with me a couple days ahead so I can be prepared.  I do not look for any parent volunteers until the first quarter is finished.

Outside: Please dress your child for the weather each day.  Unless it's raining or too cold, we will go outside each day for a 20 minute recess.

P         Parent Involvement:  Parents are teachers too!  It is so important to see parents involved in their child’s education.   

Pick Up: If you are picking up your child for an appointment, stop by the office.  They will call the room and I will send your child down.  I

Q           Questions: If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by writing a note, sending an email or calling me @ 763-262-6330.   I will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible 

R      Restrooms:  The Kindergarten students have their own bathroom located in their classrooms.  I do try to get the students to go to the bathroom during acceptable times. 

S      Snack:  We will have a snack break each day in Kindergarten.  A healthy snack is encouraged!  

Science:  Science is a fun part of our classroom.  We do lots of science activities through the year and explore using our five senses. 

T     Toys: Please have your child leave their toys at home!  They may get lost or broken at school. 

        Transportation:  If your child has any changes in transportation please let me and the school know as soon as possible. 

U      “U” (You) are your child’s first and most important teacher.

Unique:  Each child in our class is unique and very special!

V      Volunteers and Visitors:  Volunteers have always been a fun part of my classroom.  I take volunteers after the first quarter.  If you want to visit, lunch is the perfect time to do so.  Make sure to let the school know ahead of time if you are eating lunch with your child.

W     Writing:  We do lots of writing in our classroom.  Writing follows stages.  Do not worry if your child prints backwards at this age.  It is very normal for this to occur. 

        X, Y and Z

I am eXcited to work with You and your child this year!  Make sure your child gets plenty of ZZZ’s each night so that they are rested and ready for all the wonderful things that are planned!