Testing Calendar & Parent Guide to Testing

Each spring district and school leaders develop an assessment plan for the following year. Decisions on which assessments will be used for each grade level and building are guided by the following needs:

1. To ensure information on annual progress and achievement over time is available for building MTSS teams to make informed decisions about placement and programming for every student.

2. To ensure the availability of information on achievement and progress of groups of students with which to evaluate curriculum and instruction at all levels. 

3. To minimize the time students spend in testing.

Additional Information on Statewide Testing HERE

The calendar below provides information to parents on both statewide and local assessments. For more specific questions or for additional information please contact your Building Principal or Asst. Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction.

Please note 2016 Minnesota legislation now enables college students to be placed into college-level courses based on their high school MCA scores. Fo more information click here.

If a parent/guardian wishes to refuse to have their student participate in either state or local assessments please complete the appropriate form/s and schedule a meeting with either the Building Principal or Asst. Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction. In order to provide for appropriate scheduling adjustments this should be done at least two days prior to testing.

Opt-Out Form for Local Testing                    Opt-Out Form for Statewide Testing

District Assessment Plan 2018 - 2019