Wednesday, April 16th, 2014 - All after school activities, Becker Youth Sport Association, and Community Education activities are cancelled for today.

SuperTalk with Dr. Malone
In this episode, Dr. Malone talks about the district's transportation service, the World's Best Workforce Plan, and the new construction project.

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Purple Up! for Military Kids
April is the Month of the Military Child, a time to honor youth impacted by deployment. The Becker School District would like to celebrate and honor our military youth by wearing purple to school on April 15th to celebrate PURPLE UP! day.

Purple Up! day was started only last year as a New Hampshire initiative to honor military youth, "Purple Up!" has gone viral, spreading across the entire country. Purple Up! been just one way of showing support to our armed forces.
Purple is the color that symbolizes all branches of the military as the combination of Air Force blue, Army green, Coast Guard blue, Marine red and Navy blue. By wearing purple on April 15th as a school district we are showing support and thanking military children for their strength and sacrifice. Operation: Military Kids is a national program designed to support military youth impacted by the deployment cycle...for more info about OMK in your state visit 

So please, support our Military families and children and PURPLE UP! APRIL 15th! 

For those families who have members that are serving or have served in the military, we ask that you fill out a short google docs form. Thank you for taking the time in doing this. 

Becker Schools Score Among Top In State: MMR Results

The Minnesota Department of Education released the Multiple Measurements Rating (MMR) School Accountability results on October 1st. The Becker Schools scored among the the state.
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