World Beat Drummers

Music is the universal language - World Beat speaks it!

World Beat is a group of students who learn and create music in the drumming tradition of Western Africa and many other countries around the world.  The drummers perform at school, throughout the community and across the state.  It will be an exciting year of performing and sharing music.
Drum Leaders: Mrs. Teri Akervik, Ms. Michelle Bowker and Ms. Margie Maloney    

Next performance(s) Homegrown Music Fest - Sun., April 30 at Children's Museum    12:15pm
                                        Both events free!         Wed., May 3 at Clyde Iron-Mezzanine  6:00pm
                                    MN State Capitol & Science Museum - Thurs., May 18th  4:00pm
                                    East HS Choir - Thurs., June 1 at East Auditorium 7:00pm
                                    Grandma's Marathon - Sat., June 17 on Superior St. at 8:30am                                                                                                                                                                           

For more information about our drum program, please contact Mrs. Akervik or 
Ms. Bowker at 218-336-8700 or email : teri.akervik or