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We use Google Classroom to access and turn in assignments.  This site will still help you find information and allow others to connect with 0ur classroom as well.  

English Seven Due Dates

About English 7

English 7 is a class that helps students understand reading and writing better.  During the course of the year, we study such things as fiction, non-fiction, poetry, folklore, writing for a variety of purposes and audiences, and literature including The Christmas Carol and The Outsiders.   Class time is often divided between independent and group reading, informal and formal writing, vocabulary and spelling review, grammar and usage reminders, and discussions and activities about theme.  Outside of class, students are expected to do independent reading and occasional assignments that carry over from class.  I believe it is important for students to have a rigorous,  meaningful, and enjoyable experience.

About Me
I started teaching in 1998.  Having licenses in two subjects, I started my career as a French teacher and evolved into an English teacher as well.  I am thankful for the variety of experiences I have had, teaching English 7, 8, 9, 10, College Composition, Grammar Composition, and Technical Writing.  Due to the needs of the district over my career, I have been in almost all secondary locations.  Not only did I gain a good knowledge of the English curriculum, but I also met many wonderful people along the way.  I love teaching and look forward to the next adventures in my career.