Welcome to my website. Here you will find useful information about our classroom. Please click on the tabs located at the top of the page for important classroom information. You can also click on the underlined titles to access pages. I have a brief description of each link below. Please bookmark this page, as it is a great resource for class and school information.

About Mrs. Curran you will learn a little about who I am and you will also find my contact information here.

Parent/Student Handbook (class info., etc.) is where you will find information about how our school day runs and other helpful classroom info. You will find information on things ranging from how your student will know how to take the bus home, get to key zone, snacks, birthdays, and library to what gym clothes are needed. It is also where you will find our kindergarten rules/expectations.

Classroom Calendar and Daily Schedule Page is where you will find a printable monthly calendar as well as our daily schedule.
Curran's Classroom News is where you will find my weekly posts/newsletter.
Curran's Favorite Links for Parents & Students is where you will find useful links that are helpful to both parents and students. Many of the links we use throughout the school day.

V.I.P. is where you will find information about our very important person week.


Responsive Classroom is an approach to elementary teaching that emphasizes social, emotional, and academic growth in a strong and safe school community. I incorporate it into our classroom. This is where you will find more information about it, and how it is implemented during our day.

Kindergarten Curriculum

A large part Congdon Park's kindergarten program involves personal growth. We work on a variety of different social, emotional, and personal skills. 

Kindergarten academics include many subject areas.

This is where you will find the main areas of study Congdon Park Kindergartners learn and explore throughout the school year.

Congdon Park Kindergarten Learning Standards Standards define expectations for the educational achievement of public school students across the state in grades K-12. This is where you will find more information on Congdon's kindergarten learning standards.

Volunteer Page is where you can sign up online to volunteer in our classroom. Kindergarten is very busy and I appreciate any time/talents you can share! There are many ways to help. Please click on the link to see how you can become involved in our classroom.

Classroom Worksheets, Downloads, etc. is where you will find classroom worksheets and helpful printables.