Hospitality & Tourism (Culinary)

    Hospitality and tourism is the region's third largest industry. This career cluster offers opportunities from cooking, serving, hotel management and services all the way to marketing and service in large convention settings.  The program provides two student-led food service operations,
Food for Thought at Duluth East and The Deli at Denfeld.  Both are

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Programs of Study

Registered Apprenticeships     A structured way of learning a skilled occupation, combining on-the-job training with classroom instruction.

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open to all ISD 709 high school students with transportation provided between the two culinary labs. 

   Both programs help prepare students for a job in the food service industry through hands-on training and an opportunity to become Servsafe certified in Food Safety.  Students are encouraged to participate in industry partnerships, internships, an active and successful SkillsUSA team, and opportunities to earn post-secondary scholarships. 

Denfeld Campus/The Deli Courses:

   Chef Leah Bangs leads The Deli and serves the Denfeld student body and staff an alternative lunch offering. Students explore quick service food preparation, management, and work skills in a high speed industry by applying the culinary basics.
  • Deli Management: This dynamic, fast paced course provides students the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully run and manage the school deli, from developing marketing ideas to carefully considering product options. Students gain employable work skills, learn time management, basic culinary math, kitchen skills and safety.
  • Advanced Deli Management:  Provides an increased spectrum of business management with an intense focus on human resource issues and customer satisfaction.  Students are involved in training, mentoring, and providing leadership to Deli Management students, along with inventory control and marketing. The course emphasizes strong leadership ability, problem-solving skills and reliability.
  • Global Cuisine:  Explores a variety of culinary topics including food safety, cooking methods, eating habits, and dietary guidelines of various cultures around the world. By investigating cultural, spiritual, and social influences on food choices, students gain an awareness and understanding of diverse populations.
Duluth East Campus/Food For Thought Courses:

   Led by Chef Glenn D'Amour, CEC, students learn the same culinary techniques Chef D'Amour acquired at the Culinary Institute of America and through many years in the restaurant business. Students are taught the standards and benchmarks associated with food preparation, running a line, managing ordering and inventory, customer service, marketing and providing excellent front of house service. 
  • Intro to Foods:  Students begin exploring a culinary career pathway, learning food preparation, techniques, equipment and safety skills; understanding what's expected in a professional restaurant setting and the basic
    operation of Food for Thought

    Make Your Reservation!

    Food For Thought student-led restaurant is open to the public at specified times throughout the school year - reservations are required. 
    Discover a unique experience, a hidden gem for dining in Duluth.  Click here for a detailed menu and specifics.
  • Classical Line Cooking:  Emphasizes fast paced food production, station mise en place, timing, service, and
    menu concepts. Basic cooking competencies - grains, sandwiches, pasta, broiling, sauteing, salads, and consideration of allergies - are reinforced. Food math and  recipe costing are explored. Students work all kitchen positions on rotation through the semester.
  • Classical Cooking:  Students learn what it means to be a professional chef through an overview of all facets of the culinary arts. Classroom instruction and in-kitchen lab work are of equal importance to develop the student's knowledge and growth.
  • Waiter/Waitress:  Hands-on experience working with the public in the Food for Thought restaurant. Students learn the art and science of working with customers and proper service techniques - skills they can use to join the job market immediately or in future employment situations.
  • Restaurant Management: This advanced course provides students with employee-business management experience.  Students are involved in training, mentoring and guiding the waiter/waitress students, along with customer service and marketing.  Successful students will possess strong leadership skills, excellent problem-solving capacity and reliability.

Industry-Related Certifications: 

ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification, National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation

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