Construction Technology

   This program is built upon the belief that immersing students in "real-world" construction projects are the best way to learn. Students are exposed to the many fields involved in the construction trades and learn about apprenticeship opportunities related to the construction industry. 
   They learn about safety, hand tools and the general job site and apply reading, writing, and math skills to estimating, building techniques, blueprint reading, and working together as a crew member/team player.   
   Over the scope and sequence of the program, students are involved on site building a structure (garages, additions, storage buildings - pretty much anything that needs to be built the students, with supervision, can do). When enrollment supports it, the program has also been responsible in constructing housing in the city of Duluth. 

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Registered Apprenticeships     A structured way of learning a skilled occupation, combining on-the-job training with classroom instruction.

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   Programs are offered to students attending Duluth East and Denfeld - courses are located at Duluth East, transportation is provided to Denfeld students to and from the Duluth East campus (or current work site).   


  • Construction Tech 1:  An introductory course providing a “hands-on” experience in carpentry, electrical, plumbing, heating, sheet rocking, and taping, painting, and cabinet installation. Most learning takes place on a construction site in the community, building homes and/or working on rehabilitation projects for nonprofit organizations. Students will increase math abilities related to the trade and construct residential dwellings to meet codes while
    interpreting blue prints. 
  • Construction Tech 2:  Provides students with advanced skills, tools, and knowledge in current home construction techniques. Students will build a home and/or work on rehabilitation projects for nonprofit organizations. In addition, students will increase their skill levels in all trades and understand mathematical applications as applied to estimating materials so work on projects can progress in an orderly and coordinated schedule. Most learning will take place on a job-site located within the community. Students may participate in an optional youth apprenticeship/internship with a trade organization, if selected.

    Planning a Building Project?

    Help Students Learn a Career in Construction
    The Construction Technology class is interested in locating potential building projects in the Duluth area. Contact the teacher, Mr. Tony Leone, at 336-8700 ext 4082 regarding 
    potential/future projects.
  • Construction Tech 3:  Focuses on leadership skills and knowledge in supervisory roles related to project
    management and advanced roles in building layout, planning, and cost estimation. Students at this level assist in leading the student crew at the site. Most learning will take place within the community while constructing a house and/or working on rehabilitation projects for nonprofit organizations.

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