Agriculture and Forestry

   This career cluster offers two main pathways for students to explore.  Both encourage students to delve into science related career and life skills.  Programs are offered to students attending Duluth East and Denfeld - courses are located at Duluth East, transportation is provided to Denfeld students to and from the Duluth East campus.  


Plant Science 1 and 2 (Powerpoint Information) 
   Courses provide experience in various plant science concepts, engaging hands­-on activities and projects, and

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Registered Apprenticeships     A structured way of learning a skilled occupation, combining on-the-job training with classroom instruction.

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problems similar to those that plant science specialists such as horticulturists, greenhouse and nursery managers, and plant researchers face in their respective careers. 
   Plant Science 1:
  • Students research the value of plant production and its impact on the individual, local and global economy. 
  • Experiences involve the study of plant anatomy and physiology, classification, soil and soilless growing systems, propagation, and the fundamentals of production and harvesting. 
  • This is a CASE course (Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education) and is aligned with national science standards. 
   Plant Science 2:
  • The state­-of-­the­-art greenhouse at Duluth East allows students to continue developing skills and knowledge needed to perform successfully in a career involving plants. 
  • Various challenging projects in the greenhouse and outdoors in the landscape provide real­world experiences. These include producing a spring horticulture crop for sale, and designing an environmentally friendly landscape. 
  • Students lead the way in a school Service Learning project of a schoolyard garden. Applying plant and soil science knowledge along with technical math occur in these projects. 
   In both courses, students may participate in the FFA student organization and have an opportunity to receive college credits for the courses from Central Lakes College.  See class instructor for details.

Forestry, Fish and Wildlife Management  (Powerpoint Information) 
   This course gives students the opportunity to experience forestry, fish, and wildlife firsthand. School grounds serve as an outdoor classroom for studying tree morphology, identification, timber cruising, and small and large mammals. Duluth East's proximity to Hawk Ridge and Lake Superior are ideal for learning about local birds and fish. 

Home Gardeners!

Many of the plants cultivated and grown by students in the Duluth East greenhouse are sold to the public toward the end of the school year.  Check with the school for details.
  • Course work is divided into class discussions, group work, labs, projects, and outdoor activities. 
  • Students gain job skills related to the field of natural resources and an understanding of the importance of flora and fauna in Northern Minnesota. 
  • Students perform a service-­learning project at a Duluth city park or school property.
Students may participate in FFA and have an opportunity to earn tuition reduction for this course and their FFA experience at Vermillion Community College in Ely, MN. See the instructor for details.