September 2016 - June 2017
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Dear Families,

I have worked for ISD 709 since 2004.  My credentials vary from elementary to high school licensure.

Elementary K-6

Taught Grade 1: 4 years

Grade 3: Half a year

Grade 6: ¼ of a year

Secondary Social Studies 7-12

Earth Science: Grade 9: ¼ of a year in high school setting

Special Education, Masters of Science K-12 10

High School Special Education-Unity High School

Autism/Congdon Grade 5 and 5-Special Education Setting III

Morgan Park Middle School Special Education Resource Room

Reading Licensure - 2012

Autism Licensure - 2012

Currently working on Principal Licensure

It is a great honor to work at Congdon. My brother’s first grade teacher started here right after graduating from a local university. She taught first grade for over thirty years. So I guess that being Congdon was her first start, it is a great place to teach.  I consider Congdon my family. This last year there has been a transition in my own family and the support that I felt here was always welcoming and caring.

This is a fortunate opportunity to increase knowledge with Grade 4 curriculum and a classroom of young minds. I am hoping my students and I will exchange learning experiences. I may have been teaching for a long time, but transitioning to a general education classes will require patience and understanding.  

I believe that learning is a lifelong skill. We all have the ability to learn. Learning for me is like an obsession. I tend to read Non-fiction and love facts. Sometimes there is a novel that crosses my path but it needs to keep my attention.

My hobbies include the love of gardening, paddle boarding, swimming, dog sitting. mountain bike riding and smelling the flowers at Leif Erickson Park. This summer I participated in in my first sailing class at the North House Folk School in Grand Marais, MN.

Thank you for reading. My room is open, do not hesitate to contact me with questions and concerns. Please introduce yourselves so I know who you are. I look forward to serving and learning with your students this school year.


Ms. DeVaney


Contact information

Ms. DeVaney (Driving a Van easily)

Room: 314

Phone number 336-8825 ext 1849 .