Mrs. Marcia VanCamp

2014-2015 Concert Schedule:

(all concerts are at 7:00 PM, unless otherwise noted)

November 13: (All Choirs)

December 22 (All Music      Department)

March 9, Mob, Concert, Gold,    Advanced Women

April 1-6 Trip to NYC

April 25:  Theme Concert

May 21:  All Choirs

Graduation:  June 9, 2015

Contests and Festivals

January 23: UMD Honor Choir (9th grade double quartet)

March 11:  Solo Ensemble at Denfeld, during the school day:  Little Mob, Solid Gold, Shirley Tempos, and various solos/ensembles

March 18:  Large Group at Grand Rapids:  
Concert Choir and 
Advanced Women

Concert Choir Rehearsal Tracks

Ecco mormorar l'onde