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Enrollment Forms

Depending upon your circumstances, you may wish to complete one or both of the following forms:

Assistance for acquiring a device:

Take the Next Step Toward Online Learning

Students who are new to AEO, including those attending another Duluth school, enroll by filling out the forms listed below. Click each link to access and print, then complete and mail the necessary forms to:

Attn: Chris Vold, ISD 709
215 N 1st Avenue East
Duluth, MN 55802
Please contact AEO staff at 218-336-8766 with any questions or for help filling out forms.  An AEO representative will contact you once your forms are received. 

Enrollment Forms:

(Requesting 2 or fewer courses with AEO)

(Requesting 3 or more courses with AEO)

Deadline to Earn At Least .5 Credits

Below are deadlines to enroll in AEO and retain the ability to earn a .5 credit that semester. 

Enrollment Deadline Dates

Please contact AEO if you have questions regarding your situation and enrollment deadlines.  Each enrollment application is reviewed individually - previous coursework may apply and provide an opportunity to enroll and earn a .5 credit after the deadline.