Early Intervention

Welcome to our K-2 Title 1 Program!  

Mrs. Miller, Early Intervention

I'm Wonell Miller 
and I am proud to teach Early Intervention 
here at Magelssen Elementary School 
in Fosston, MN.  

             Because your child’s reading success is my top priority here at Magelssen Elementary, I am always looking for and researching better ways to help children become better readers.  I use two programs with students depending on their needs.  I use Leveled Literacy intervention (LLI) (www.fountasandpinnell.com) as well as Brain Integration Therapy / Right Brain Learning Strategies (diannecraft.org).

 What is LLI?  LLI is a powerful intervention that provides daily, intensive small group instruction which focuses on phonics, comprehension, and reading strategies.            

What is Dianne Craft's Right Brain Learning System?  

We use both sides of our brain for learning (The right side of the brain is in charge of colors, pictures, emotions, visual and long term memory.  The left side is in charge of details, data, sequences, repetition and short term memory), and some students need practice using both sides together. I will be teaching reading, writing, phonics and sight words using activities to help my students access both sides of their brains and improve their reading and learning skills.  


Please feel free to ask questions or talk to me about LLI or Right Brain Learning and Brain Integration Therapy anytime. 

Contact Information:
Work Phone:218-435-6036
Home Phone: 218-435-2845

A Teacher's Prayer

Grant me wisdom, creativity, and love...

With Wisdom, I may look to the future and see the effect that my teaching will have on these children, and thus adapt my methods to fit the needs of each one.

With creativity, I can prepare new and interesting projects that will challenge my students and expand their minds to set higher goals and dream loftier dreams.

With love, I can praise my students for jobs well done and encourage them to get up and go on when they fail. 

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