Daily Schedule

Period 1:  College Biology (8:30-9:20)

Period 2:  College Biology (9:24-10:14)

Period 3:  Biology-10th Grade (10:17-11:07)

Period 4:  Sr. High Study Hall (11:10-12:00)

Period 5:  Prep Peroiod  (12:34-1:24)

Period 6:  Biology-10th Grade  (1:27-2:17)

Period 7:  Biology-10th Grade  (2:20-3:10)
Welcome to Mr. Ofstedal's Life Science Page!  This will be the place for links to Biology 10, College Biology, and Intro to Physics & Chemistry.

Select the above tab for the class information you are looking for.  Class schedules, concepts and skills being covered, class photos, syllabi, classroom rules and expectations, and unit weekly plans (lesson plans) may be found here.

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