Daily Schedule

Period 1 (8:30- 9:20):  Prep

Period 2 (9:24-10:14):  Computer 7

Period 3 (10:17-11:07):  Study Hall

Period 4 (11:40-12:30)  Computer 8

Period 5 (12:33-1:23):  Computer 9

Period 6 (1:26-2:16):  Accounting I/STW

Period 7 (2:19-3:09):  Today's Technolgy
Welcome to Business/Computer Education!

Welcome!  My name is Mrs. Duden.  My goal is not only to teach you, but involve you in learning skills that will last a lifetime.  As a student, you are faced with many challenges and opportunities.  I hope to encourage you to learn from both.

Classes that I teach include: Computer 7, Computer 8, Computer 9, Accounting I, Advanced Computers, Accounting II, School to Work and Today's Technology.  I look forward to the school year, and I challenge you to become an active learner and be the best you can be!

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My Contact Info:
Work Phone:  218-435-1909