Battle Lake School

Since 1946, the National School Lunch Program has provided financial support and commodities to help schools serve nourishing, well-balanced meals to children.

School meal programs are helping to reverse these trends by offering healthy food choices to children.

There have been significant changes since the early days of school the 40's, meals provided enough calories but were low in nutrients.  Today, school lunches are rich in nutrients in low in fat, but alone can't counter the problems of over consumption and lack of physical activity in children.

Our nutrition staff here at the Battle Lake School are committed to providing well balanced meal to all students.

School meals will be making many changes through out the next few years and we are here to make sure that the best choices are being made for your child.

Please check out the USDA web sites to keep up on the on going new changes.  That site is

Changes this year include:
A calorie cap for each grade group.
All whole grain products
Greater selection of fresh fruits and vegetables
Vegetable and fruit portion size increased
Skim and skim chocolate or 1% milk served daily.
Sodium level reduced by 50%