Class Rules

Classroom Expectations & Rules

Mrs. Dorn


Class Expectations

*Be prepared for class each day

·Come prepared with all materials necessary

* Follow directions when given

·Do your best to follow directions the first time.  If you are confused or have questions, ask.  I would rather stop class to clarify than you be off task while everyone else is working.

*Take responsibility for your actions

·If you are confronted about a rule infraction, own up to it.  Don’t deny it, lie about it, or blame someone else.

·Take responsibility for missed assignments.

*Pay attention, participate and ask questions

·Engage in what is going on in the classroom.  If you have a question, ask it!  Otherwise, I might not know until the test that you didn’t understand something.  There are no stupid questions, and chances are, if you are wondering about it, someone else in the class is too.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  If you feel most comfortable waiting until after class, that is okay, too, but do keep communication open between us.

*Put forth your best effort at all times

·Always do your own work and your best work.

·Put quality ahead of just getting it done.

*Respect yourself, the teacher & others

·Show respect for the teacher, yourself and others at all times.

·Respect others’ property.  Avoid touching or writing on anything that is not yours.

·Respect yourself and the rest of us by using appropriate language.

·Be a kind person.


Class Rules

*Turn off cell phones & electronic devices

·After the bell rings to start the class period I do not want to see them.

* No food or drink, except water

·If you do bring water with you to class please put it on the back counter until class is over, then take it with you.

*Arrive to class on time & ready to learn

·Be “physically” and “mentally” present in the classroom

*Do not cheat or copy work

*Use polite and appropriate language

*Do your best work & turn it in on time


Late Work Policy:  Assignments must be turned in when they are due! This is part of professionalism.  They will be docked one letter grade for every day they are late.  If assignments related to a chapter/unit are not turned in by the test day, they cannot be made up.


Absences:  If you know in advance that you will be gone from class, please get your assignment from me PRIOR to your absence.  If you are sick, you will have the number of days you were gone plus one to make up any missed assignments.  You will proceed with the rest of the class on the material we are on or you will get even further behind.


Cheating will NOT be tolerated.

Cheating on a test or assignment will result in an automatic  ZERO.  Your grade and reputation will suffer.


Grading Scale

95 – 100  A

90 – 94.99 A-

87 – 89.99  B+

84 – 86.99  B

80 – 83.99  B-

77 – 79.99  C+

74 – 76.99  C

70 – 73.99  C-

68 – 69.99  D+

66 – 67.99  D

65 – 65.99  D-

0 – 64.99  F