Classroom Rules

                                                        Physical Education Department

Class Policy

Dress and Preparation

All 7-10 grade physical education students will be expected to bring clothes specifically for physical education class (proper shoes tied tightly, shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants and proper under-garments).  These clothes must be different than those worn for the regular school day.  Students must dress consistent with the dress code as it is written in the student handbook.  Students who do not bring clothes will be expected to participate in class, but will lose half of their daily points for that day.  Students are never to be chewing gum, or eating any food substance while in physical education class. Students are also never to be wearing jewelry of any kind during class.



Because of the strenuous nature of physical education, all students are strongly encouraged to shower following class.  The students will be given ample time at the end of each class to shower. 



All 7th-10th grade physical education students are expected to participate in physical education class.  If the student is in school he/she will be expected to participate in class unless a written excuse from a parent or school nurse is on file in the physical education office.  If a student misses more than two days a written note from a doctor must be on file in the physical education office. Regular class participation is worth 5 points, and block day participation is worth 10 points.



First hour all students are expected to be dressed and ready to go at 8:20.  Every hour after that, students will be given an extra five minutes after the tardy bell to get into line and get ready for attendance to be taken.  If the student is in the gym, but not in his/her spot in line they will be counted tardy.  After three tardies the student will serve an hour of detention.  For every tardy after your third you will serve an hour of detention.



All students are expected to come to class with a good attitude, ready to work, learn, and have fun.  Insubordination, swearing, mouthing off, arguing with the instructor and/or other students in class will not be tolerated. Proper behavior is expected in the locker room as well. Students are expected to respect everyone in the class.  Students who need to be dealt with by the instructor will lose some daily points, and may be given some extra written work to occupy their time. Students who exhibit repetitive disciplinary problems will be given a disciplinary referral and parents may be contacted.


Make-Up Work and Absences

Students who miss class for an excused reason will be expected to make-up the missed class by doing a half-hour or an hour cardiovascular workout on their own.  The student will record what they have done, and it will be verified with a parent signature. The parent signed make-up slip must be returned within one week of when the absence occurred.



Students will be given opportunities to earn points through written tests, skills tests, fitness tests, and daily participation (5 or 10 points per day).  Students grades will be calculated by finding the percent of the total points possible based on the uniform grading scale found in the students’ handbook.

**Extra credit may be earned through written work approved by the instructor ahead of time.


Locks and Lockers

Locks and lockers will be given out to all physical education students.  Students are responsible for their locks.  If it gets lost or stolen the students will be responsible for the replacement cost.