Class Rules

Mr. K’s Laws

  1. Be Prepared

  • Assignment, notebook, pens, make-up slips, etc.

  • If you miss a class or part of class it is YOUR responsibility to get caught up.

2. Respect

  • Expect and give respect to all

  • Exhibit pride in “self” and “work”

  • Respect property of yours and others

  • Respect rules- they are necessary for order

3. General Rules

  • Gum OK, if not distracting to you, me, or others.

  • No cussin

  • Desks are not books nor letters.

  • Politeness helps.

  • Substitute teachers WILL be impressed by your behavior, attitude, and work ethic.

4. Extra Credit

  • Available- consult me- due 3 weeks before semester ends.

5. Attendance- vital in any job

  • Tardy: you are responsible for work and need admit slip.

  • Absent- unexcused: A. -5 points per day ( for the first 5 days the -5 will be removed if you turn in extra report on subject matter by the end of the next day)

                    B. After 5 days: -5 stays no removal

Most Quizzes and Tests have bonus points and extra credit is available in most classes so I believe this is equitable. ( of course hospitalization, congressional committee hearings, and other situations are exempt upon my discretion)

Missed quiz- next one doubles

Missed Test- A. to be made up as per handbook requirements unless arrangements made.

             B. after deadline- test should be taken- score will be based on points ( highest score “F” but all points accumulated average at end of quarter- “some better than none”)

Work Hard, Be Positive, this is a major basic step in your life’s journey - Work - Smile - Succeed. “Judge not…” “Everybody goofs up- just don’t make the same mistake twice.”