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Ms. Julie

Hello!  My name is Julie Frost.  This is my ninth year as the Battle Lake Early Childhood Coordinator.  In addition, I am the All Day 4 & 5s Classroom Teacher.

Preschool is where I belong!  I love the daily adventures we take as a class... sometimes planned but most often spontaneous.  You never know what may arise in a day with a group of four and five year olds!  I am passionate about teaching through active learning and hands-on experiences... whether we are creating a new dramatic play theme (like a train), using our senses to cook something tasty (cookies), or going on an explore outside, it's always fun!  LEARNING IS FUN!!! 

My husband, Don and I have four children.  

Charlie, our oldest, is at NDSU in his third year working towards his BS in Mechanical Engineering.  It's exciting and hard to believe that he is already this old!  I remember taking Charlie to ECFE classes when he was a toddler.  School and work keep him busy, but he loves Muskie fishing and getting together for a fun game of Ultimate Frisbee with friends!  

Donnie is already a Senior this year!  When he's not at work or school, he's busy bowfishing, hunting, fishing for bass or skateboarding.  This past summer he designed his own ramp... it's rather large but put along side his other builds, he now has his own skatepark in our front yard!  YIKES!!!

Raeanne is now in High School as a Freshman.  She enjoys sewing and playing the piano and percussion.  I love listening to hear playing... it is so relaxing!  She has a passion for running!  She's looking forward to her third year in Cross Country.  

Laney, our youngest, has just made the step into junior high.  She is the artist of the family and simply enjoys creative playing.  She has an ability to create amazing stuff out of "junk".  She too loves sewing and has been busy making a quilt this summer!  This year she is looking forward to her first year in Cross Country and can't wait for another season of Basketball to start!

In addition we have 3 dogs that are just as much a part of our family.

As a family, we love to hike, swim, paddleboard, play board games, and cards.  We also love to go on adventures!  Maybe that's more of a passion of Don's and mine, but most times the children go along with it!  We enjoy getting together with our family and friends as much as possible.  However, it feels like the times are minimized with our growing children (and their activities/jobs). 

As an individual, I love to try and learn new things!  This summer while in California visiting family, the girls and I went on a few adventures... snorkeling and boogie boarding in the ocean for the first time.  One of my most cherished times is watching my kids grow!  I love watching them compete on the court or running a course.  This year, I look forward to watching 3 of them run Cross Country!  I love being a fan out on the course and encouraging them to push through the race!  It's such an adrenaline rush!!!

I love going to my children's events and cheering them on!  I'm proud to be a mom of four great children and a wife to a great husband!

I am once again looking forward to a year of excitement and creative learning!  I am so proud to be a part of the Battle Lake School District, both as a parent and educator, where quality education is important and relationships are built between families and school.