About Us

The Sauk Rapids-Rice School system is one that focuses on excellence in education.  Along with this focus, the music department also pushes students toward measurable accomplishments and offers them opportunity outside of the classroom to explore their passions. 
Music is an important part of educating the whole child.  It offers them cultural awareness and perspectives toward the appreciation of traditions using a universal language -- MUSIC!

The philosophy of the Music Department at Sauk Rapids-Rice Public Schools believes that music education is an integral part of the total arts program and that it is a basic subject in an academic area:

Music appreciation is a skill.  Music education helps all students enjoy music throughout their lifetime.  

Music is a reflection of culture.  Music surrounds us everyday, everywhere, and influences our emotions and our reactions to our surroundings.  Music enhances our cultural understanding and identity.

Music education develops creative and analytical thinking skills.

Music education provides opportunities for all students to succeed.

Music focuses on lifelong learning.  Students who have participating in music education will always have the opportunity to actively participate in music or will be an educated consumer of music.



The mission of the Department of Music at Sauk Rapids-Rice High School is twofold:

  • to provide a rigorous and innovative music curriculum,
  • to perform a variety of musical genres from a variety of settings, and
  • to promote the idea of building a more beautiful world through music.
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