Charms Office Assistant is a web tool that gives your directors options for communicating to students and parents.  It also can serve as a way to host recording assignments, keep data regarding school uniforms, 

To enter the site, use the school code "SRRHSMusic" when directed.  Once you get to the student password area, you need to communicate with Mr. Campbell or Mr. Mick regarding a password that you would like to use.  We can customize your password; however, you need to share it with us so we can enter it into  

Click Here to enter the CHARMS site  (use school code:  SRRHSMusic)

Recording Using Charms

Students in band need to complete their chair test audition  The recording process is detailed below.  Please follow the directions very carefully.  Should you have any questions or problems with your recording process, please communicate with Mr. Campbell immediately.

1. utilizes a password system to manage data.  All students need to submit a password that they want to use to enter charmsoffice.

2.  The recording feature found in has been improved from last year and is much better at allowing easy, high-quality recordings of performances.  Once student have activated the recording module, they need to record the scale, chromatic range test and the Fast Cut Time piece in one recording.  

3.  Entering charms as a couple of stages.  Follow these steps exactly.  

3.1  Using either Firefox or Chrome (not Safari), open

3.2  Once the page has loaded, scroll over the words Enter/Login.  When the menu drops down, choose Parents/Students/Members.  

3.3  When the new page opens, type in srrhsmusic as your school code.

3.4  When the new page opens, this is where the student will type in their unique password that they shared with Mr. Campbell.  (If you have not sent him a unique password, use the link below to submit a password of your choosing-OR-stop in to his office to tell him your password so he can enter it into the web managment system.)

3.5  When your unique page opens (your name should be at the top right of the web page), find the recording studio icon.  Double click on that icon.

3.6  With the recording studio open, choose "Assignments" on the upper right.

3.7  Choose the assignment for your band from the options listed.  Please read carefully and choose carefully.

4  Recording:  Choose the Red Record circle.  Wait for the cue to begin recording.  (The time clock will begin when you can start playing.)

4.1  After you are finished recording your "take", you can listen to it.  You can record up to 6 "takes" before you have to choose one to submit.  

5.  Submitting your recording is done by selecting "save take __