Gmail Migration

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Only have a few minutes? Follow this easy step by step training to start using Google Apps in 7 steps. 

Transition Timeline
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*We will be switching from Outlook to Gmail over Spring Break, however you will be able to utilize Microsoft Office as normal. All Microsoft Office tools, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint will continue to be used throughout the district. You may choose to upload documents, spreadsheets and presentations into your Google Drive for storage, and you can continue to use them in their original format without switching them to a Google format by downloading them to your computer for editing. We wanted to give you some guides to compare tools so that you can choose the best tool for the job, however you can continue to use the tools you are most comfortable with.*

          Gmail Migration
          As you familiarize yourself with the various Google Apps we have at our disposal, you can do the trainings listed here at your own pace. We will be covering these topics in the trainings that will be offered in each building, but you are welcome to do them on your own as time permits.

          Gmail Migration

          Google Calendar Training

          Google Drive Training

          Google Docs Training

          Google Chrome Training

          Google Apps Training