This is an online database related to ENGL 6277, Dr. Michael Morgan's "Problems in Literary Criticism" course at Bemidji State University in the spring semester of 2015. In order to simplify things, the title of the class has been abbreviated to PLC on this site.  Anytime that acronym pops up, the link will take readers to the PLC page which has a little more background as to who made up the class and what the objectives were. 

Within this database, there are many internal links.  These can be clicked on at any time in order to navigate within the site and find pages of interest for the reader.  Along the left is also a complete list of all the pages within the site which can be clicked on at any time.  Occasionally these links direct the reader back to a central location rather than a new page solely devoted to that person, work, etcetera (clicking on Ezra Pound, for instance, will take one to the Modernists page).  There area also external links where applicable.  The reader will find these external links contain a little extra context to show where they are going.  

This database seeks to provide insight into some of the broad topics that informed the discussion in PLC.  Consider following links to pages like Interactivity, Digital LiteratureJessica Pressman, or any of the other internal links that have popped up repeatedly here on the hompage. As a database, the information is organized alphabetically and not chronologically.  A reader may choose to start at the top left and proceed downward through all the pages, but that is not a necessity; he reader is invited to jump in and muck about however he/she sees fit.  

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