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Photo Credits: Jenna Thompson
Bigfork Edge Center Fine Arts Gallery showing Bigfork Huskies art work.

Photo from James Sewell Ballet performance  

PA & IL 2013 GGs mem serv 208.JPG
Picture from Centalia Pennsylvania  
                                                        Photo Credits: Jennifer Clark

School year 2015
All school photo.

Blondie and Red Take on Projects! Please watch and enjoy.

Thank you to the elders of Bigfork/ Marcell area that let our Bigfork Huskies come interview you.

View the video about 2015 Bigfork Speech season below: 

2015 Speech Season

Too many people loose their lives due to texting and driving. View Alicia Youngkin's slideshow which explores the dangers of distracted driving.  Click here.

Photo taken by: Jenna Thompson
Recently a lone moose was pictured wondering about in a field off Alder road in Marcell.

Congratulations to our National Honor Society Members of 2015!

Left to Right: Cassie Cormican, Jessica Schmit, Emmy Priem, Melissa Grover, Kendra Porter, Jade Kallinen, Gigi Wanner, Jenna Thompson and Shawna Youngberg.

Bigfork Bellyfloppers raise over $2500 for Special Olympics Minnesota

Jo Ann, Mrs. Heinle and Mrs. Maxa dive into Sugar Lake.

Kendra (behind rescue team left), Cassie and Hunter make a splash.

Gigi, Shawna and Alia pose for a quick pick before taking an icy bath.

Gigi, Shawna and Alia emerge no worse for wear.

Mr. King, his daughter Alayna and Mr. Ostendorf (horizontal) are all in. 

Jenna Thompson

Zenon Dance, out of Minneapolis, MN, traveled to Bigfork to teach children in grades kindergarten through third  to express themselves through the art of dance, in a healthy way of learning.  The residency took place the week of January 26-30 and culminated in a dance event for parents and local community.

“Under the Sea” was the theme of this year’s Sweetheart Dance. The dance is put on each year by the sophomore class around Valentine’s day. The sophomores setup coronation with decorations of an anchor, a ship which the candidates walked through onto the stage, and with little fishies in which the faces of the candidates were put onto. These decorations were also included in the sweetheart dance on Friday, February 6, 2015.
        Seniors all over the America will be graduating in the next couple of months, taking their first steps into the real world, but where will they take these first steps?  Some of the newly graduated young adults will be whisked off to college while others may take a break and go to college later. Some may not go to college at all, choosing to join the army or to help with the family business. Others may already have a steady job and are happy where they are at without going to college. 


Alicia Youngkin

On December 19, the local fire department  rushed out to a house fire in our little town of BigFork. The house fire left a little family homeless. December 19 was one of the saddest days for the BigFork community as the Brunder family of four lost their small home.

Nikolai Ivanovic'

        Gas prices, falling like flies in the winter, have allowed many teens to do more in these frozen months than they have in past years. Recently, gas in this area dropped to a whopping $1.96 per gallon of unleaded. This is the lowest it has been in over 16 years.

Technology advances at Bigfork High School

Austin Lane

           Computers grow stronger in the high school along with the addition of iPads for students who may need the additional tools for learning. The introduction of the iPads to the ninth grade students at Bigfork High School gives them a tool that is portable and which can be used outside of school, while retaining all of their information.




Below Zero
By Emma Rauzi

Old David House
By: Louie David

Coming to a Close

Austin Lane

    As a senior with his last days in high school coming rather quickly, I can’t say I ever thought about the true meaning of leaving my current life until I had to plan to do so. I mean, yes I knew there were things like paying all your bills on your own (which I won’t even be doing for a few more years) but as a person I tend not to understand certain concepts right away because I look deeper and need to make a connection with the deeper meaning to a face value before it makes sense to me.

Senior Events

Austin Lane

    The seniors of ‘15 are itching to bounce into the real world, much to the dismay of society and perhaps even their own parents. But as the month of May draws itself closer and closer to an end, seniors are throwing their graduation parties, planning for college,  pounding out scholarships left and right, as well as working to save money for expensive tuitions and other living bills.


Sammie Oksanen

Agoraphobia is the fear of being in places or in situations that might cause panic. Many teenagers, including myself, have an anxiety disorder such as agoraphobia. An anxiety disorder makes everyday life very difficult. It’s almost like a disability; you may never know when anxiety might overwhelm you.

2015 River Watch Trip

Mariah Adams


        This year, on May 22nd, Bigfork River Watch takes a whirl down the Bigfork River for their annual canoe trip. This tradition started way back when River Watch started with Mr. Miles, the former science teacher at Bigfork High School, and continued after his retirement with Mrs. Heinle.

High School Art Show

Jenna Thompson

    Around the world there are millions of teens that love art, and in small town Bigfork those that have a passion for it get to express themselves through the high school art show that is put on every year. This event will take place the evening of Wednesday, May 13th in the Bigfork Edge Center Gallery around 7:00 p.m.

James Sewell Ballet Performance

Jada Tendrup

Last week, on Friday May 8th,  a ballet group from Minneapolis called James Sewell Ballet visited Bigfork High School to put on a lovely performance.  The dancers demonstrated many different styles of ballet through various dances.

Nintendo Policy

Austin Lane

        Back in April, YouTuber Joe “Angry Joe” Vargas created a “Let’s Play” video of him and a few friends playing “Mario Party 10” a Nintendo game released in America on March 20, 2015. Normally, you wouldn’t think anything of another video of a person playing a video game. After all, many videos of games get released by various YouTubers everyday.

22 Ammo

Eddy Shearen

    To this day 22 ammo is hard to get. When you do find some it is really expensive and you can’t buy a pallet of them because there’s such a shortage. The prices of 22 ammo have tripled from 2008 to 2013 and when buying 22 ammo you can only buy 3 boxes per person at a time.


Aaron Anderson

Racist slurs from white people against African American are the reason black and white don’t click. Picture yourself sitting at the school lunch room table with all your friends, you see a black student walk by, and your friends say racist jokes about an innocent person that has done nothing to them. This includes other races too, not only African Americans.


Sammie Oksanen

    Jocks, nerds, queen bees, loners. All popular cliques that exist in almost every school setting. We all let the things we do, the people we hang out with, the way we look and dress separate us from the ones who don’t follow these trends. I call for an end to it all, including the labels and everything else that hold us back from all being together.


Jennifer Clark

The land in Pennsylvania is packed full of coal or “black gold” as it was called by people in the past who came to mine it. However, the coal in the earth can be a dangerous thing if people are not careful and can cause deadly accidents like coal mine explosions from coal dust and gas that could kill around two hundred workers. Knowing this, it is not surprising that in Centralia, Pennsylvania there was a mind-boggling accident that happened because of coal in 1962 that is still causing problems today.

Austin Lane


    A good handful of new technology has come into 2015 since CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this year. Smart Watches, 4K Televisions, even washers and dryers get showcased. However, computer enthusiasts also have technology that they look forward to, just as much as the rest of the consumer market does.

Children Sing Songs of Death

Jennifer Clark

As little kids we sang fun little songs like “I’m a little teapot” but have you ever thought about what the songs really mean? Seemingly innocent songs like “Ring around the Rosie,” “Jack and Jill,” and “London Bridge.” are actually not so innocent. In the silhouette of the songs underlies a meaning of death from their native origins and creation.

Juniors take ACT and MCA in the same week

Jenna Thompson

During the week of April 27-May 1 the junior class took not only their ACT test but also their MCA mathematics test, causing a great deal of stress for some.

9mm vs 45acp for self defense

Ryan Johnson

    Yet again, the debate of large and slow versus small and fast has arisen throughout the gun community. Some might carry the 45 acp to be egotistical and to be able to say they carry a bigger gun than anyone else, Others might choose the option of carrying the smaller, yet lighter and higher capacity, 9mm for self defence. Throughout this article you will receive my opinion on carrying the 45 acp or the 9mm.

Prom 2015

Alicia Youngkin

For prom this year the juniors and seniors will be time traveling back to 1920s Chicago for a “roaring” good time. Every year, prom is put on by the junior class towards the end of the school year, and  there are around 30 kids going to this year’s prom. Prom will be held be on May 2 at the Marcell Family Center.

Joe Anselmo

Is the death penalty really necessary? I think it is. If someone has murdered people or has bombed a place and hurt and killed several people I think they deserve the death penalty. Some people might not think the same. They think that there should not be a death penalty because it cost a lot of money or it’s too cruel, but that isn’t the reason why we shouldn’t have the death penalty.

Jada Tendrup

A new law that started in August of 2014 has caused a lot of controversy in Minnesota. The law states that you have to be 18 to tan inside of an ultraviolet tanning bed. Due to all of the negative effects of tanning, this law is very reasonable and needs to stay in place.

Alex Cleath

Recently the Bigfork High School Drama Club put on an impressive performance of The Foreigner by Larry Shue in the Edge Center for the Arts.

Ryan Johnson

    Throughout the week of March 15th through the 20th Minnesota roads have undergone another spring of road restrictions. Road restrictions affect many roads across the midwest affecting loggers, farmers and construction workers who are instantly unable to move equipment or haul produce from limited roads.

Gigi Wanner

    First Robotics is something that “outsiders” see as small and “dorky”. In truth it’s huge. Minnesota alone has seventy-five robotics teams. Sixty-three teams competed in the Northern Lights Regionals, however there were over one hundred teams present with two competitions clashing in a divided arena.

Joe Anselmo

    In the Minnesota State High school League there are four different classes, single A, double A, triple A, and four A. Single A is the smallest class and is where the smaller schools play each other in playoffs in basketball, volleyball, football, but lately a few bigger schools have becoming single A. Is this fair for the smaller schools who have smaller enrollment? Enrollment as well as free and reduced lunch, have played a huge role in the problem.

Sammy Oksanen

    Agoraphobia is the fear of being in places or in situations that might cause panic. Many teenagers, including myself, have an anxiety disorder such as agoraphobia. An anxiety disorder makes everyday life very difficult. It’s almost like a disability; you may never know when anxiety might overwhelm you. When you are having a panic attack with anxiety you may feel sick, shaky, like it’s hard to breath. Not many people know all the facts about anxiety, so I would like to inform you what it is like to deal with the everyday torment of having anxiety.

Upward Bound

Jennifer Clark

        Upward Bound has helped thousands of teens prepare for college, even helping them obtain enough scholarships and grants to lessen, or completely eliminate college debt. As well as providing financial aid and college prep, Upward Bound rewards its students for their attendance at meetings and good grades in school with a stipend of up to $40 a month.

Sammie Oksanen

According to, 74% of people are using the Internet to access a social media site. People flock to social media for many reasons. Some of the reasons are to tweet, post statuses, watch videos, and more. Social media is a good way to keep “in touch” with  a lot of things that are going on in the world today, but is it a good idea to let yourself be exposed to the dangers of the Internet?

Jenna Thompson

They have homes and they have lives, they have families, husbands, wives and children. The phone may ring any hour of the day and they will have to spring into action to help somebody in need. Not only have I heard teens bash on cops but I’ve also heard adults do the same thing. Yes, there are some “not so good” cops but there are plenty that make very fine cops a well.

Does College still benefit many today?

Austin Lane

With the economy today and the price of college being so high students choose not to go to college simply because it costs too much money and time. Debt, loans, and costs of living are just part of the expenses of attending a  college. This is not to mention much under-age drinking, lack of attention in class and near useless credits that one must “understand” in order to get their degree.

ATF tries to penetrate the popular M855 military surplus round

        Recently the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has taken aim on a popular assault rifle round, the M855 to be exact, a popular military round that can be bought cheaply due to surplus. The ATF has proposed to ban the round for sale due to its ability to be fired from a pistol. In my opinion the round should be legal for sale because of the following reasons: the M855 round is a cost effective surplus round, the AR-15 platform pistol is a rare platform and requires a special permit to acquire.

Eddy Shearen

I was coming home one night after work and the roads were ice and as I was going around a corner the car started to kick out. Suddenly, I was sliding and ended up in the ditch.

One day, after school it had snowed about a couple inches and my friend and I were heading home and the roads weren’t plowed at all, it was hard to drive in because our vehicles kept pulling us into other people’s tracks and while we were driving we saw a plow truck go by us with his plow up.

We shouldn’t lower drinking age to 18 or younger than 21

Alicia Youngkin

Why should we lower the drinking age? That just gives teenage kids permission to go out whenever they want to and start drinking. Consequently, something bad can happen to them or to someone else if we don’t pay any attention to them or what they are doing. Some kids might ask, “Can I go over to a friend's house?” and their parents will reply, “Yeah, you sure can.” But the real question is what they really gonna do. Are they lying and planning to go to a big party?

Alex Cleath

Would lowering the drinking age be a good idea? When someone turns eighteen they are legally an adult. They can smoke, vote, and gamble. So why not drink legally?

Aaron Anderson

Sleds storm the trails even after the snow is beaten to the ground. Mother Nature is really putting a great depression on Minnesotans that enjoy riding snowmobile during the winter. Since Mother Nature has dropped very few inches of snow on Minnesota sleds have been seen broke down all over the state. Suspensions broken from hitting bumps and sled over-heating from not being in deep enough snow.


Huskies vs. Huskies

#1 Draft Pick the Future for the T-Wolves

Joe Anselmo

The Minnesota Timberwolves have had some pretty rough seasons in the past few years, but finally winning the lottery in the NBA draft for the first round pick. May help the Timberwolves turn the franchise around and be the future of the NBA. The Timberwolves are about to have the number one picks in the draft from the last three years.

Golf Season Starts Off With A Swing

Jenna Thompson
    The weather is warmer up in Bigfork, Minnesota which means the Huskie golf team is getting prepared for their season to take off in full force.

Minnesota State High School League goes overboard with new rules

Jada Tendrup

Recently there have been a few changes in the rules for girls basketball that were admitted by the Minnesota State High School League. As a basketball player I believe that the rule changes are getting out of hand and that some of them are completely unnecessary.

Joe Anselmo

Storming the court has been a tradition for college basketball for a long time, but is it starting to get out of hand? Lots of times when the students storm the court it is because they just won a rivalry game, a big upset, or a national championship.

Giants Creep by the Bigfork Huskies and take the win

Alex Cleath

The Bigfork boys’ basketball team failed to take the win against the Mesabi Giants in a recent game on their home court. The Huskies led for most of the game before the Giants tiptoed by and racked up another win.

Huskies Rush Past Deer River Warriors

Jada Tendrup

Last week the Lady Huskies defeated their rival Warriors with an end score of 66 to 45. It was a battle to the finish with both teams feeling the heat because it was a conference game and a big rivalry.  

Minnesota spearing season comes to a close

Ryan Johnson

Across Minnesota, thousands of fisherman flock to cities on ice for a chance to pull a trophy onto the frozen lake, surrounded by darkness and watching the depths of the lake for a chance to spear a monster northern pike.

Aaron Anderson

        Powder falling to the ground is what Minnesotans are in need of. In Minnesota there is an unusually sparse amount of snow that has fallen this year. For automotive drivers, there have been fewer crashes and accidents on the roads and also it has made it better for fisherman by providing solid ice and allowing travel by car and trucks on lakes.


Slow mid-winter angling doesn't stop local fishermen

Joe Anselmo

Local high school fishermen are hooking into walleyes and crappies during this mid-winter lull. This time of year fishing usually gets really slow for all lakes but Matt Jorgenson and Ethan Beckman will tell you how to get the fish to bite.

Students lifting time has just begun

            Kids in Bigfork High School are bringing in the big guns in the weight room.  Early this school year the school invested in new equipment to get kids in shape.