September 18, 2012

Dear Kimberly Lane Families,

         I am looking forward to another year with the Kimberly Lane Chess Club.  This is a free, after school activity for any 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade student.  In order that all students and parents understand our chess club, I wanted to explain a few things: 

            The Kimberly Lane Chess Club Goals:

                        1.  Students learn to enjoy the game of chess.

                  2.  Students have the opportunity to improve their chess skills.

                  3.  Students learn good sportsmanship.

                  4.  Students learn to be responsible chess club members by demonstrating appropriate behavior during chess club and using chess club materials in a respectful manner. If students are not able to work towards these goals, I will meet with them and if necessary ask them not to participate in chess club.   Listed below are the dates the Chess Club will meet in 2012-2013:

                                             Monday             Wednesday

November                             19, 26                   28                                                          

December                             3, 10                     19

------------------------Grade Level Tournament -------(optional)-----------------

January                                7, 14, 28         9, 16, 23

Students do not need to sign up in advance for Chess Club.  They should just show  up at the first meeting.  It is perfectly all right if students cannot attend all chess club meetings. 

The chess club members are to meet in room B-11 (Mr. Pritchard’s room) at 3:55.  Members can bring snacks and have them at this time.  After snacks are cleaned up, chess sets will be passed out and games started.  The school has enough chess sets available.  When students come to chess club, they are expected to play chess or some other logic game.  This is not a time to for free play. 


Chess Club members must be picked up at 5:15 p.m.  If  you are not able to be on time, please make arrangements with other club members.


During the tournament, all Chess Club members will be welcome to attend Chess Club and play practice games even if they are not involved in the tournament.  Unexcused absences during the tournament will be counted as losses.  The first two rounds of tournament play may be speeded up by playing to either a checkmate or after a twenty -five minute time period, determining the winner by points.  Other rounds will be strictly a checkmate basis.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 763-745-5659.


Mr. Pritchard