Wilshire Park Kindergarten has adopted the Lego Education curriculum, Early Machines.  This program provides opportunities for the students to behave as young scientists, by providing them with tools and tasks that promote scientific enquiry.  Using solutions presented in the lessons, children are encouraged to pose ‘What if …?’ questions.  They make predictions, test their models and then record and present their findings.
Early Machines Lego Curriculum consists of 8 lessons:

1.     Pinwheel                        investigating energy, forces, friction, rotation

2.     Spinning Tops                investigating energy, testing, measuring, movement

3.     Seesaw                          investigating balancing forces, energy, levers,

                                                non-standard measuring, pivots

4.     Raft                                investigating wind energy, balance, buoyancy, pushes                        

                                                and pulls

5.     Car Launcher                investigating energy, friction, measuring distance, push

                                                and pull, wheels, inclined plane

6.     Measuring Car              investigating scales to measure distance using standard

                                               and non-standard measuring, energy, forces, friction

7.     Ice Hockey Player        investigating energy, force, motion, standard and

                                               non-standard measuring

8.     Sam’s New Dog            investigating pulley drive and gearing, pulleys, rotation