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Enjoy the photos!
Thanks for visiting my web site. As always, it is my intention to keep this page updated. But realistically, it will be a work in progress. Please be patient if you are looking for the most up-to-date information.
To find....
Daily assignments:  Use the menus on the left sidebar.  Each course has monthly assignment pages.
Course Calendars:  You will have to login to "Huskie Hub", but once you do, you can find a calendar for each course by clicking on the course "home" on the left side bar.
Course Syllabus:  Click the appropriate course "home" on the left sidebar.  Syllabus shows up as attachment.
Answers to questions:  Check the back of the book!!
Speaking of answers, the best way to get them is to send an email ( My promise is to respond promptly. 
2012-13 Course Pages:  To help you find the page you are looking for...
Basic Geometry 2012-2013:  2012-13 Basic Geometry Home
Algebra2 2012-2013:  2012-13 Alg2 Home Page
Honors Analysis 2012-2013:  2012-13 Honors Analysis Home
Included: Every day of every week will have a copy of the daily notes, a list of assigned problems, and any handouts that are needed. If a student misses a class, this is a way to find out what was covered in class!!
Thanks again for visiting.  I have also included a slideshow of some of my favorite school photos from the past few years.  Please enjoy the show.
Dave Wiggins