Welcome, 5th Graders & Middle Schoolers, to my Band website.  I've been teaching Band in St. Anthony Village -- both Wilshire Park and the Middle School -- for over 23 years, and I believe 2014-15 will be the best year yet.  I'm looking forward to this being a great Band year for you, too.  Make sure to look at all the pages (located in the sidebar) to learn about my classes.

My teaching/directing responsibilities include....

- 5th Grade Band
- 6th Grade Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, & some lessons that come out of "upstairs" classes
- 7th Grade Band lessons
- 8th Grade Band
- SAVHS Pep Bands (Assistant Director)
- Patriots Marching Band (Asst. Executive Director & Music/Brass Instructor)

Check out the Patriots website, too:

Patriots Marching Band:  http://patriotsmarchingband.org