Welcome to St. Anthony Middle School art class!!!
I am not really sure how we will use this site.
Your Infinite Campus Portal should contain everything you need as we go along through the school year.  
If you have any good ideas, let me know.
My Name is Ms. Weihe (pronounced "Why") and I am your art teacher
This is a self portrait I made a few years ago. I am wearing a suite of feathers because when I make art I feel like I can fly. I am juggling the many things in life an adult must take care of. I am out in nature because that's where I love to be the most. I framed it to resemble a window into my life. When a person looks into a window they don't see everything, just what is within sight. There is a little plaque below me, on the frame,  that says " Assemble"
I titled it How to Assemble a Life