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 Building Background Comprehensible
Input & Interaction
 Lesson Planning/
 Practice & Application Review and Assessment Strategies 
 Keynote: Building Background Video: Mr. Cortez Comments/
Summary sheet
Keynote: Content and Language Examples  Keynote: Practice and Application Keynote: Review and Assessment Keynote: Strategies  
 Video of Ms. Sawyer's ClassTechniques That Make Concepts Clear Language Objectives by Content Area - Examples Organizer -Blank  Strategies to Use Strategies Notes 
 Signal WordsShowdown Strategy Instruction Language Objective Words Based on Bloom's Taxonomy    Strategies Lesson Plan Template 
 Unit Plan Example Showdown Strategy - Blank Reflecting on Objectives    
 Unit Plan - Blank      

Vocabulary Ideas Galore!

 Academic Structure for Essay Writing

Academic Language for a Persuasive Essay

...and an example!

Organizer: Point and Counterpoint

 Academic Worlds Come Alive!

Most Important Words

Portable Word Wall

Previewing Content Vocabulary

Probable Passage
 How to Use Vocabulary Words

Cloze Activity

Make Your Own Review Game

Picture Talk

Purchase and Return

Review Games
 In With Vocabulary, Out With Confusion!

3-in-a-Row - example
3-in-a-Row - blank

Guess the Word

Musical Plates

Vocabulary Race
 Review & Assessment: Did They Learn Anything?

Correct the Teacher

Relay Pictionary

Review Scavenger Hunt

 Vocabulary Strategies

How to Use Your Word Wall

Moving Beyond Bold Words


Generative Sentences

Personal Dictionary


Carousel Brainstorm

Concept Maps - Math/Science

Dice Games (including printable dice!)

Speaking Strategy

Listening Strategy

Reading Strategy

Writing Strategy