Our Purpose

Q-Comp is a program that provides meaningful staff development and rewards teachers and other licensed staff for working toward raising student achievement.  The Yellow Medicine East plan includes incentives for achieving professional development goals, building stu
dent achievement goals, and individual student achievement goals.  

Our Goal?  By collaborating with peers, the staff will foster student learning and improve student achievement attained through effective goal setting, focused job-embedded professional development opportunities, peer observation and coaching.

Q-Comp was enacted through a bipartisan agreement in the Minnesota Legislature in July 2005. It is a voluntary program that allows local districts and exclusive representatives of the teachers to design and collectively bargain a plan that meets the four components of the law. The four components under Q-Comp include Job-embedded Professional Development, Teacher Evaluation, Performance Pay, and an Alternative Salary Schedule. 

Q-Comp has elements built into the overall system, as mandated by state law. These elements are intended to increase student performance through staff development focused on teacher created goals for self-improvement, while using student growth indicators (student performance) and direct teacher observation as impetus' for this development.