Yellow Medicine East District 2190

Activities & Athletics

Tim Knapper, Athletic Director

Alyssa Johnson, Administrative Assistant

Phone: 320-564-4081

Ext. 110 - Tim; Ext. 111 - Alyssa

Fax: 320-564-4782




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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide positive, competitive, and educational experiences through interscholastic activities and fine arts programs

that develop well-rounded young adults who are prepared for life after high school.

Our Philosophy

Participation in extracurricular programs is a privilege available to students as an extension of the academic programs of the Yellow Medicine East Public Schools. It is recognized that these activities are secondary to the academic programs, but they are also contributing factors towards academic achievement and success in later life. The extracurricular programs are to be designed as an effort to develop in each student participant characteristics of leadership, initiative, integrity, good conduct, cooperation, responsibility, perseverance, self-sacrifice and competitiveness. Participants should be expected to abide by all established rules and will be expected to learn how to work with a variety of personalities. In addition, students will learn to accept a code of ethics which provides for winning and losing without forgetting the real purpose for which these activities are provided. Program emphasis at the pre-senior high level will be designed in such a way that student participation is a primary concern. Emphasis at the senior high level will be more in the direction of interscholastic competition and skill development which may at times limit participation and relate more directly to actual conditions in a highly competitive society.